Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Have a Pleasant Mount Pleasant Real Estate Sale with a Qualified Agent

During a real estate transaction for Mount Pleasant homes for sale, having a realtor to represent you when buying or selling property is a huge plus. Every agent that undertakes the selling or buying of real estate is considered to be fiduciary. To the law, fiduciary duties are known to be among the highest. In addition to any obligations set in a listing agreement, a realtor will be held under the law to owe specific duties to a client. Accounting As a fiduciary, a realtor is obligated to account for every property or money entrusted to him or her. This duty compels the realtor to safeguard deeds, money, and any other documents related to the client’s transactions. The realtor is expected to give an accurate reporting of all monies, and their ultimate disposition is a complete fiduciary responsibility.

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